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Psalm 145:16 For you open your hand and satisfy every living thing

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About Us

On Fertile Ground

Hello, my name is Kim Cook, CEO/Owner of All Living Things LLC! I am so glad you are reading this! In 2017 I was given a vision to turn my passion for cultivating indoor plants and make it a successful business. 

I can remember growing up in Southwest Atlanta, my mother having plants all over the house and listening to Stephanie Mills, Dottie Peeples and Anita Baker; watching while she watered and pruned all her live plants in the house. Growing a love for live indoor plants I was guided to turn my passion into a business.

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 Urban Farming With 

All Living Things

Have you always wanted a garden full of lush, beautiful fruits and vegetables, but dont know how or have the space? Well, let All Living Things LLC create the perfect container garden you've always wanted and you'll be harvesting and eating delicious fruits and veggies in no time!

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Products and Services

All Living Things provides a number of products and services for all your indoor horticulture needs!!


Succulent Arrangements

Sprinkle ambience and energy into your living or office space with a CenterPEACE from All Living Things

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Indoor Plant Staging and Maintenance

Dont have a green thumb, don't worry I've got two!

Use our services to have beautiful, air purifying indoor plants staged in your living or work space. With maintenance packages provided.


"Some of the best, unique creations. So personal and tailor made for each customer. You can tell they were created with love"

So High

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